How to get Spirit’s new Spirit Food Truck to market in your town

A couple weeks ago, the New York City Food Truck Association (NYCFTA) posted a notice to the industry asking the public for help with getting the new Spirit food truck to market.

The notice said that the truck’s first production run was due to be held on April 19, 2018.

The deadline for those trucks to get in the door was April 26.

The agency also posted an update on its website on Monday (April 27), noting that the trucks were still in the manufacturing stage and that the first trucks had not yet been ordered.

The message, which is still up, stated that the order process was still ongoing and that it was “important to make sure you have a plan of attack to get the truck in the market as soon as possible.”

Here’s how you can help.

First, get in touch with the NYCFTA.

The group has set up a list of people it needs to reach on Twitter.

They are @NYCFTCfoodtruck, @NYCTFoodTruck, and @FoodTrucksNY.

The people who need to be contacted are @joshandersonbaker, @jamesdolga, @mikelkammer, @susanfowler, @sebastiannefede, @brianafowler and @nathanlewis.

Second, make sure that your business can handle Spirit’s food truck.

“It’s very important that you have an inventory of products that are good quality and that are available at the best price,” said Krista Wiebe, food truck manager at the Brooklyn Food Truck, who added that she was glad to see that the company was getting in touch.

“There are people that work in the industry that have been here for a long time, and I know they will be supportive and helpful.”

Finally, find someone to run the event and ensure that everyone has a good time.

The NYCFTC is hosting a community event at a local restaurant on Saturday (April 28), which will feature food trucks from the NYCT, NYCFT, and NYCFMFA.

“Everyone will be able to share in the celebration and make sure everybody has a great time,” said Wieb.

The event will be held in Brooklyn, but you can find information about the event on the NYCFOA Facebook page.

The organization has also launched an online petition for food trucks in New York.

“We need to get more food trucks to New York so people can enjoy a great food truck experience,” said Stephanie Lasko, director of marketing for the NYCSFOA.