How to get a ‘better’ haircut

The hair of any footballer should be styled to match his style.

In a move that is sure to please the fan base, new Barcelona manager Josep Maria Bartomeu has introduced a new haircut for players. 

The club have been criticised by some for their haircuts in recent years. 

A lot of the fans were against this, because it looked a bit strange for Bartomeus first appointment, which was a few years ago. 

It was just a little bit too ‘glamour’ and it looked like a new hairstyle for the new boss. 

In a new article published by Sport, Bartomeos team manager has proposed a new, modern haircut for all Barcelona players.

The haircut consists of a short, flowing, long, thick hair, and is called the ‘blanched hair’. 

A new haircut is not something that is only a short cut for a footballer. 

Players, particularly young ones, have a lot of hair growing out of their head and the idea that a player should be able to do something like this is something that makes me very happy. 

“I want them to have their hair styled to fit the player’s style, but to go without a haircut is something I’m not happy about,” said Bartomeaus new team manager Jose Manuel Pizarro, in a press conference after the club’s 1-0 win over Olympiakos in their Europa League quarter-final. 

As well as the new haircut, Pizarros new squad have been given a new kit and the new shirt. 

For the players, the new style of haircuts is a big plus. 

Barcelona’s fans were unhappy with Bartome’s first haircut, and it has been said that he is trying to “improve” it. 

They have always been against this. 

After his appointment as Barca’s manager, he introduced a hair style called the “Blanched Hair” and the fans got their wish. 

This haircut will be introduced to all Barcelona’s players on Tuesday, March 11. 

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