How to get a panther backpack on the road

Posted November 15, 2018 10:01:52 You may have heard of panther logistics, the world’s largest online logistics company.

But it’s a brand new way of doing business for the panther business.

Paws and kittens are just one of the many products that Paws & Kittens can deliver to your doorstep.

Paws &ammts panther courier service has been a hot property for months.

The company’s first Australian courier, Matthew “Paws” Stoddart, has since moved from his home in Melbourne to Perth to work for Paws.

Stoddard says he’s a “huge fan” of the company’s products.

“I’ve been really excited to work with them since I heard about them,” he says.

“They have such a great team, great team of people, and it’s just a really exciting thing for me to work in.”

Paw Stoddards panther-delivery truck arrives in the Sunshine Coast.

Photo: Supplied Pets are also in high demand.

The panther lifestyle is one that’s not for the faint of heart, and if you don’t own one of these animals, you’re going to want to have a go at finding one.

In January, the panthers panther rescue group PetSmart had a shipment of panthers sent to a warehouse in Adelaide.

“I was a bit scared to put them in the crates,” Stoddars friend and founder, Mark Siegel, tells ABC News.

“But I just knew that I wanted to give them a chance.” 

He had the panthems in crates for around a month, before they were placed in the Panther Care Facility in Port Lincoln.

“I wanted to see them out in the field and see them getting the chance to see their families and have a lot of bonding,” he explains.

When the panthes panther were ready to go, the company placed them in crates and took them to a quarantine centre.

They were then transferred to the PetSmart Pet Rescue Centre, where they were fitted with microchips.

“We put them through a couple of different vaccinations, we checked their hearts and lungs, and they had some skin tags in their ears,” Studdards friend and PetSmart co-founder Chris “Puppy” Jones tells ABC.

As the pantheness arrived at PetSmart, they were given a “bounty” of $1,500 each.

At the time, it was the largest amount of money that PetSmart could offer to anyone.

“If I’d known that, I’d probably be on my way to Melbourne at this moment,” Mr Jones says.

The panther crates arrived at the PetStore in Port Macquarie, near Melbourne.

Mr Jones says he was “blown away” by how quickly they were moving through the facility.

“It was almost like a dream, it really was,” he adds.

PetSmart took the panthies crates, placed them into a van, and drove them to the local PetStore.

Once the crates arrived, the Paws Paws staff waited outside until they were ready.

“[The team] were incredibly friendly, really excited, and really excited about the cats,” Mr Siegel says.

“The team were really excited that they could actually get them in to the store.

It was really amazing.”

When they were finally inside, Mr Jones and the other Paws team members took their pets into a room where they spent the next 48 hours in a high-tech containment unit.

On the day they arrived, Paws delivered the crates to PetSmart.

With a team of about 50 people working on the project, the Panthers panthers are now on their way to a new home in Queensland, where Paws will start working directly with the community.

It is important to remember, says Mr Jones, that there are some animals that are only available as long as they are not too dangerous to people.

For instance, the dogs in this photo were put into quarantine before being placed in a crate, so the dogs could get a chance to bond with each other.

We are happy to say that they will be in the PetSolutions community in 2018, as well.