How to Start a Business with an iPhone 6 Plus

How to start a business with an iPad Air?

That’s exactly what a team at Gigaom is doing.

Gigaomp’s founder and CEO Ryan Pachter was on hand for a keynote address at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference last week to unveil a new iPad-centric platform called Circle, which he said will allow developers to build a “global ecosystem of apps for all mobile devices.”

In the video below, Pachner talks about Circle, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6s launch, and what he hopes the platform can bring to the table for developers.

“When you build an app for a mobile device, you have a lot of options,” he says.

“You can have your app for an iPhone, you can have it for an iPad, or you can build it for a Samsung Galaxy.

We’re going to create a global ecosystem of all mobile apps for a global audience.”

Pachter said he started Circle as an idea in 2014, but quickly realized it could be a great way for developers to create apps for any device.

“We have an iPhone app, we have a Samsung app, and we have an iPad app.

I realized that’s the best way to build an iPhone-focused app,” he said.

“And we have another reason why: Because we are focused on creating great apps for iOS devices.

That’s what we do best.”

Pechter said the idea for Circle came from a conversation with his son, who had just started a new job as a product manager at Giganews.

When he saw a screenshot of the app in the iPhone app store, he knew he had to make it work for the iPhone.

“My son has always been very tech savvy and I asked him to do a little research and I figured that if we could create an app that was easy for him to use, that would be great for him,” Pach, who is also the founder and president of Pachters software development company, said.

Pachner and his son had an idea for a way to make an app with the iPhone and iPad that could be easily built for both devices, with all of the functionality that would come with the iOS ecosystem.

The idea came from the fact that “there’s so much functionality on both platforms that you’re not able to do with just one platform,” he added.

“I was thinking about a way for my son to learn the different things that are available for iOS and for Android,” Pichter said.

“So I came up with this idea for this app.

And I went into the app store and I looked at it, and it was pretty cool,” Pechter continued.

“It was just awesome.

I thought, if we can make a universal app for all platforms, it will make for a really great app.”

He and his company, Gigaoms, are still working on that app, which Pach said will likely be a bit more polished than the demo that we see in the video above.

However, Pichters hopes that the app will give developers the ability to create content for all devices.

“If you have the ability, you don’t have to think about what platform you’re going for,” he continued.

“There are so many ways to make your app available, and you can put content in a variety of platforms, so that you have your content available on both iPhone and Android.”