Why is the Tampa Bay Lightning planning to add more logistics?

The Tampa Bay Times reported Thursday that the Lightning is considering adding additional logistics to its business operations in the wake of the Great Recession.

The paper quoted Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn as saying the Lightning will add “customer support, logistics, warehousing, transportation and other services to its operations and operations teams” in order to help it stay competitive in the marketplace.

“We’re going to continue to add to our operations,” Buckhorn said.

“I would expect to see a lot of growth in the next couple of years.”

The Lightning is already known for its growing use of its ice and ice systems.

The team also has a long history of investing in equipment and maintenance in order keep its teams competitive.

In a video from last season, the Lightning’s Kyle Quincey said he’s looking to expand its business into a wider variety of sectors, including construction, manufacturing and financial services.

“When you talk about infrastructure, you can’t have a business without a business,” Quinceym said.