BNSF says it will replace its headquarters in Asia with one in the U.S.


— The world’s largest railroad, BNSFs parent company, Southern Pacific Railroad, announced Friday it is ending a six-decade partnership with Siemens International to build its new headquarters in a building it has operated for more than a decade in Southern California.

Siemens International said in a statement that it would take over the construction of the building, which will house the railroad’s supply chain and operations, as well as the headquarters.

The company will remain in the United States, where it currently operates.

The company said it would also be taking on about 700 full-time and part-time jobs, as it works to fill the vacant office space.

It also said it will open an office in San Francisco.

The agreement was a dealbreaker for some union members and environmentalists who said it was a gift to a company that employs hundreds of thousands of people in Southern China.

The Southern Pacific branch in Southern Cali.

was also located in Southern Arizona, which has been one of the main centers for illegal logging in the southern part of the U, including the Central Valley.

The deal will also help the railroad avoid losing its contract to run the nation’s second-largest freight carrier, United Parcel Service, in 2020, when the UPS contract expires.