New York Times story: Uber rideshare service launches in New York

FourFourSeconds ago, Uber announced a partnership with the city of New York to launch its uberX service in the city.

The ride-hailing service will offer two-hour rides between Manhattan and the Bronx.

Uber has a fleet of about 150 vehicles and will also provide a shuttle service to help drivers get to their destinations.

Uber has a number of partners in the area, including a few who have already been testing the uberX platform in New Yorkers.

Uber says its NYC drivers will be able to get a ride in a black cab, but they will also have to show a driver ID to Uber.

Uber also announced that its first UberX service will launch on Tuesday.

UberX riders in New Jersey will also be able try the new service in a few weeks, and New York is also planning to expand its service to the city in 2019.

Uber said the NYC service will be available on the Uber app for about a month, and that riders will be given two hours to get from their homes to the New York City subway station.

New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission also plans to test the uberTaxis at a few locations.

The commission will allow riders to get in a taxi to take them to their destination.

The New York Taxi and Motor Vehicle Administration said it is “actively exploring the possibility of expanding the UberX program in New Yorks first city.”