Why are Italian football fans unhappy with the footballing reforms?

L’Italia – 1,000 people gather outside the Italian Football Federation headquarters in Rome on Saturday to protest the reforms of the league and its governing body, AS Roma.

A crowd of 1,500 has gathered outside the club’s offices in Rome to express their displeasure with the reforms proposed by the Federation.

The protests were organised by the group Independiente delle Gazzetta and led by football journalist Stefano Zampieri.

The protest, organized by Independiante del-Gazzetta, is calling for an immediate end to the reforms that the club, which has played in Serie A since 1999, have been subjected to since their inception in February.

The measures include the creation of a new body that will oversee the finances and the sporting development of Serie A, the Serie B league, and the Coppa Italia.

In a statement, the group said the reforms have led to an “explosion” in player salaries and have caused the club to have to borrow large sums.

The reforms have also led to a decrease in the revenue from the sales of the players, as they have not received the same revenue from television contracts, the statement added.

“The reforms are a big waste of money, as the only thing they achieve is to increase the salaries of players, and this is not in the interest of the club.

The only way out of the crisis is to bring all stakeholders together and come to a compromise,” the statement read.

The club was set to be given a one-year extension to finish the current season, but negotiations over the next year have been put on hold.

According to the group, the reforms will have a detrimental effect on the quality of football in Italy, as well as the league’s prestige.

The Serie A club was given an extension to the 2017-18 season and the next in 2021-22, with the possibility of another extension in 2022-23, the association added.

The current Serie A season is the longest in Italian football history, which means the league is also the longest of the five leagues that comprise the national league.