What will you do if the Japanese government cuts your job offer?

A Japanese company has offered to take over some of your job opportunities as a way to help ease a shortage of people in the country.

The offer comes as the government tries to ease its sluggish economic recovery, which has resulted in a slow economy.

The Japan Industrial Production Promotion Agency announced earlier this week that it was seeking proposals from companies for jobs and the economy.

A representative for the JIPPA, which oversees employment in the industrial sector, said on Monday the government plans to open a pilot program to hire 1,000 people from outside the country this year.JIPPA spokesman Kazutaka Kano said in a statement the agency was seeking applications from companies in industries like construction, automotive, electronics and agriculture.

“Companies can also apply for positions from companies that already have jobs in the sector,” he said.

The agency said the aim is to hire around 100,000 jobs, and the company that receives the best offer will be eligible for an additional 2 million yen ($290,000) in compensation.

The JIPP is responsible for overseeing the country’s economic recovery.

The government said last week that the economy is on track to grow by 0.5% this year and 1.5%, with the unemployment rate at 4.5%.