US Army logistics specialists train for COVID-19 training

We have trained logistics specialists to help coordinate the US Army’s COVID response to the pandemic, but it has been a tough job, with some returning home to fight the virus.

Now, a new batch of troops is heading to Europe to train in logistics for the next major wave of military efforts to defeat the virus, according to the Pentagon.

The US Army is in the midst of a massive re-evaluation of the COVID defense posture.

Last week, the Army ordered a reduction in troops and equipment.

The military is currently sending troops to a new COVID center in Belgium.

Army commanders have said that as many as 20,000 soldiers may be deployed to Europe in the coming months.

But the US military is also moving soldiers to the continent, and some of the units are also returning to duty.

The new batch will train logistics specialists, who will work with logistics commanders and other military personnel.

The Army has trained logistics personnel in Germany, France, Canada, and several other nations.

The new troops are also expected to be deployed in Italy and Spain.