New DLC adds the new weapons in the new DLC for Gears of War 4

Supply Chain Logistics, the DLC for the latest installment of the popular Gears of Wars series, will add new weapons to the Gears of WAR series, according to Microsoft.

In the new content, new weapons will be added to the game, including the “Glock 17A/C” and “M14/M16A1” sniper rifles.

In addition, the “M10/M10A1,” “M4A1/M4S/M5A1S,” and “H&P” shotguns will be made available to players.

According to Microsoft, the new “Grenade Launcher” will be included in the game’s multiplayer content.

The DLC also includes new weapon and armor designs, including a new weapon, the LMG, which will be available to the player at Level 7.

The new “Sniper Rifle” will also be available for Level 7 players.

The “HMG” will become available at Level 14, and the “MP9” will appear at Level 22.

Players will be able to upgrade their current weapons with new accessories, including new optics, new grips, and new barrels.

The DLC will also introduce a new “Shotgun” that can be unlocked at Level 8.

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Microsoft has confirmed that the next Gears of Warfare game will be coming to Xbox One.