When the PCC logo appears on Panther Premium logistics stock

The Panther logistics stock is going up on sale.

PCC is set to announce the next wave of panther logistics stocks at the end of this month, according to sources at Panther.

Panther’s flagship logistics platform, Panther Standard, is set for a significant overhaul after the acquisition of the company by Symmetric Group, a company which is the largest logistics provider in the world.

Symmetric is now owned by DHL and the new logistics arm of DHL will now be based in New York.

DHL, meanwhile, has recently announced a new panther brand which is being named “Panthers” and it is a name which many believe will be synonymous with the panther family name.

Panthes logistics stocks have also seen a significant bump in price, up to $6,500 per metric ton, according the Panther source.

The Panther brand has also been upgraded to a brand with more than 10 million subscribers, with the majority of these subscribers coming from China, India and Australia.

The Panthers are the biggest logistics company in the US with nearly 300,000 locations and a growing base of subscribers.

With the expansion of the Pcc network, the panthers logistics network is set up to be a major player in the marketplace.