€7.2m worth of goods delivered to UK in one week

A shipment of €7 million worth of food, medicines and other goods from the United Kingdom has arrived at the Irish port of Cork in less than three weeks.

The cargo, which includes a tractor, was delivered to Cork on Sunday by Royal Mail and was taken to the UK’s second-largest port, Southampton.

The cargo was intended to arrive on Monday morning.

A spokesman for the Irish Department of Agriculture said that Royal Mail’s shipping centre in Cavan had received the shipment on Sunday morning.

“We are very pleased that the shipment arrived in Cork on Saturday evening,” the spokesman said.

“The package was carefully examined by Royal mail personnel and all the necessary approvals were obtained before it was loaded on to a delivery truck.”

The delivery was organised by a member of the Royal Mail team and was conducted in the most professional manner possible.

“He added that the food, medicine and other products would be shipped by the end of the week.

Cork has seen a steady increase in food shipments from the UK, with the number of people travelling to Ireland from the country having increased by almost 90 per cent in the past five years.

The number of UK arrivals to the country from Ireland jumped by more than 100 per cent from 2011 to 2015, according to the Department of Agricultural Development.