How to Get Your Head Up-To-Date on the NFL’s Week 17 Roster, as the Teams Prepare to Make Changes

Army logistics University of Alabama is taking its football game to the next level with a new set of uniforms for all 32 teams.

The uniforms are designed to be “one piece, with a football helmet, pants, shorts and a helmet cover,” as the school explains.

“The uniform is made from a fabric that is lightweight, breathable, durable, and highly flexible, allowing for a wide range of movement,” the school says.

Army is using a blend of lightweight fabric and polyester that is the perfect fit for the uniform, and the school promises that the uniform will be “extremely comfortable.”

The uniforms will also be able to “take a beating, so they’re tough and durable.”

The uniform is set to be released this summer, with the first batch set to go on sale in the coming months.

The football uniforms are expected to be the most popular of the bunch.

According to Army, the football uniforms were designed with the following goals in mind: To be able “to maintain an athletic, comfortable look and feel for all teams,” to provide “the highest possible performance level with respect to equipment and to ensure maximum protection from weather and weather conditions.”

The Army uniforms also will “provide comfort for the team in the event of physical injury, as well as enhance the performance of the player.”

The first batch of uniforms are set to debut on the football team in August, and they will be available in various color combinations.

The school is also taking its game to a whole new level with its helmet and pants sets, which feature a “glowing, reflective, reflective-like fabric that enhances visibility and makes it easy to see through the fabric,” the university says.

The new uniforms will be the first of their kind, and it’s only going to get better.

Army plans to release the first-ever helmet-specific uniforms in 2019.