Which is better: A win or a draw?

The draw is a draw.

That’s the rule.

But it’s not the only one.

So far, the winner has been the New Zealanders, who beat the England team 7-5.

They’re one of only three teams that haven’t been eliminated from the competition.

It’s a very good draw, one that could mean a lot to the series.

The other two are the South African sides that were eliminated in the quarter-finals.

So who’s been better?

There is a great rivalry between the two sides.

New Zealand and England were the hosts in the final of the inaugural World Cup in 2014.

They are also two of only two teams to win a World Cup, alongside Australia.

But the two teams have played each other just twice in the tournament, in the 2010 and 2014 Rugby World Cups.

They won their first two games, but lost to South Africa, in 2018.

That was also the last time they met.

New England’s victory in Auckland on Sunday means it’s been a year since the first encounter between the sides.

They had the match to themselves for three weeks.

The teams are playing in Auckland again for the first time since the 2019 World Cup.

They lost by a final score of 16-14 to South African side Ospreys in the opening game.

The last meeting was in 2014, when New Zealand defeated England, 15-13, at Eden Park.

The team’s captain, Julian Savea, said the series was a game of inches.

“I think the draw in the second game was probably the best of the series,” Savea said.

“We played a good game, we played a tough game, and the draw at Eden meant it was a good match for us.”

New Zealand’s victory means they are three points clear of South Africa in the standings, and in eighth place.

The South African squad won their match against the Kiwis by 13 points.