The future of logistics is murky, but it’s getting better

Tensions have flared between the Chinese and US governments over what Beijing sees as unfair US trade practices.

The two countries are embroiled in a dispute over who controls the South China Sea, and Chinese officials have been increasingly aggressive in challenging US interests.

This month, Chinese President Xi Jinping accused the US of trying to force the South Chinese Sea to become a US-led zone.

The US, for its part, says China’s moves are legitimate and that China is not seeking a “one-sided maritime zone”.

It says it has never taken steps to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs.

The world is on edge.

So are we.

The question is, what are the options?

What will happen to the world economy if the US continues to assert its interests and the US Congress does not do anything?

We take a look at what’s at stake, and how China could change things.

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