How to track the panther’s ‘golden retriever’ status

Posted April 16, 2018 03:03:23 A golden retriever who was captured by a WA hunting party and transported across WA to the Catskills is being cared for in WA’s remote northern Territory.

The rescue, on the outskirts of the remote town of Dungog, took place earlier this month after an animal welfare investigation.

The Golden Retriever was captured and transported by hunters from the nearby town of Tupuna to the small town of Dingora.

“We got the call from the Tupunas ranger district in WA and they wanted to take him to Dingora,” Dungod District Wildlife Officer Bob O’Callaghan said.

“[The] ranger said, ‘there’s a golden retriper in our area that we need to get to.”

He said it’s about 200 kilometres away from Dingora, which is about 30 kilometres away by car.

“The WA Department of Agriculture and Forestry said the dog was taken from the Dingora town to the Dungora wildlife reserve where he is being kept in a small room.

It’s not known how long the dog has been there.

Mr O’CALLAGHAN said the animals were in good health.”

It’s pretty much healthy.

They’re pretty well looked after and they’re all in good condition,” he said.”

They’ve been getting a lot of love.

“We’ve seen the dog walking around, they’re quite friendly and it’s just a shame that he’s gone to the wrong place.”

The WA Government said the golden retriive was rescued by a hunting party from the town of Tongass on the South West Coast of WA.

He was later released to the Dingoradans Wildlife Trust and is being looked after by a wildlife officer, he said.(Supplied: Dungoradians Wildlife Trust)Topics:wildlife,animal-welfare,animal,animal control,dungora-5788,dunkirk-6011Contact Paul WilliamsMore stories from New South Wales