How Frontier Airlines has developed a system to help its drivers keep tabs on their customers

More than 200 companies across Australia are using Frontier Airlines’ virtual loyalty points (VLPs) to help drivers keep track of their customers.

In a move that could save the airline billions of dollars, Frontier has developed the VLPs for the likes of hotels, hotels, restaurants and even car rental companies to help track the whereabouts of their passengers.VLPS are issued by the airline to a number of its passengers and employees.

Each point can be redeemed for a voucher which can be used to get access to the online booking system, the airline said.

“We have worked with many of our customers to develop a loyalty program that is tailored to their needs and their travel patterns,” Frontier CEO and founder Chris Kennedy said in a statement.

“For example, if you are in the Sydney CBD and a guest is travelling from a holiday to a destination in Melbourne, we are happy to provide them with an extra voucher to redeem for a ride.”

Our customers want to travel, so they use the online platform to make this happen.

“While the pilot program is still in the testing phase, the company says it is now the largest and most popular airline in Australia and its customers want it to work.”

The key to this success is that we have been using Frontier’s online loyalty points to provide a way to stay in touch with our customers and to track our customers as they travel across Australia,” Mr Kennedy said.

The company said that it has already seen the benefits of the program and said it is looking forward to seeing how it will be used in the future.”

This pilot program has provided us with the opportunity to expand our reach across Australia and to be able to continue to offer our customers an outstanding value for their loyalty points,” Mr Kowalczyk said.