How to get your business to thrive in a crowded job market

A new industry has sprung up to help companies hire more workers quickly and cheaply.

Here are three tips to help you start your own.


Get started.

This is the most important part of the job search.

If you can’t find the job, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Start by applying to work in a new location, such as a coffee shop, office, or food truck.

It’s important to be prepared for the job’s competitive nature, said Dan Bickley, a managing partner with the consulting firm McKinsey.


Think outside the box.

If your goal is to hire the best workers, you’ll need to consider where the company has built its workforce.

If it has a high number of employees, it may be the best place to start.

Look for places where employees can easily commute or live close to a job, said Kevin Whelan, a regional recruiter with the company HR360.


Find a job that pays.

This may seem obvious, but finding a job where you can make a decent living may be more challenging than you think.

If the company offers a competitive wage and benefits package, you may be better off finding a full-time job at the company’s factory or distribution center, said Bickling.

If not, you can always try another location.