The Lad, the first novel about the Holocaust

A story of survival in the Nazi concentration camps, The Lad is a gripping, harrowing tale of an ordinary Jew’s struggle to survive.

The Lad follows a Jewish boy in the camp of Auschwitz, where he is sent for the sole purpose of serving as a human shield.

The lad is told by his Jewish parents that if he ever wanted to go back to his village, he had better prepare himself to be murdered.

The lad’s life has been marked by suffering and humiliation, but his determination to survive in Auschwitz continues.

In order to save his life, the lad must overcome a terrible obstacle: the fact that he is Jewish and therefore, in effect, has a right to live.

The book is a novel of survival and, despite the protagonist’s tragic past, The Lads novel is a story of hope.

The Lad recounts a story in which the lad has a chance to become a human being again, one that will give him the strength and courage to overcome his past.

In The Lad’s novel, the reader sees the protagonist grow up, learn the ways of life in the town of Dachau, and, perhaps, become a man again.

The Lodges story is one of survival, hope, and hope alone.