When will you be able to order from my pharmacy?

As I sit here writing this article, I can’t help but think about the question that has bugged me for years: When will my pharmacy be able, in good conscience, to order a prescription from me? 

What happens when I order something from your pharmacy, and then have to wait at your counter for a little while? 

And how will I know when my order has been delivered? 

So, I’m going to ask you a question: Which of these scenarios does your pharmacy really have the right to deliver a prescription? 

For example, let’s say that your pharmacy does not have the capability to dispense a prescription, but your pharmacy wants to offer a delivery service. 

How will you know that delivery service is going to be delivered?

What will happen when you arrive? 

Can you get a copy of your order, or is your pharmacy legally obliged to store the order for you?

How will this affect my ability to pay?

What happens if I want to pay for something from my own pharmacy, but I’m concerned that I might not be able find my prescription on the pharmacy’s website? 

How do I make sure I don’t miss out on my order? 

These are just a few of the many questions that I’ll be asking myself as I consider ordering from your pharmacies.

As I mentioned in my recent post about how to choose the right pharmacy, I am not a medical doctor, and I do not have an MD or DO.

So I am going to focus on the business aspects of the relationship between you and your pharmacy.

And while I have been fortunate enough to work in the pharmacy industry for many years, my understanding of the health and safety of the people working in that field is limited at best.

I am not qualified to address your pharmacy’s policies or processes, so I will be sharing these concerns with you.

For my own part, I will use my expertise as a pharmacologist, a registered dietitian, and a certified nurse anesthetist to provide you with information about what your pharmacy can do to ensure that you get the highest quality prescription medications for your family. 

As I have said before, I feel obligated to provide my perspective.

If you have questions about this topic, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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