Navy to invest $6 billion in logistics and logistics specialist navy

Naval Services is planning to spend $6.5 billion to invest in a logistics specialist corps to replace the U.S. Merchant Marine Corps, the Navy announced on Wednesday.

The Navy’s Fleet Logistics and Logistics Specialist Corps will be responsible for training, supporting and supporting logistics and support organizations in the Navy’s fleet, including the Coast Guard and the Marines.

It will also be responsible to support U.N. peacekeeping missions and other missions that require an international capability, such as humanitarian operations, in areas outside the U, the Pentagon said in a statement.

The $6-billion investment will help the Navy prepare for future wars and make it more agile to respond to emerging challenges.

The Corps will also contribute to efforts to expand the fleet’s capacity to provide maritime security in the Pacific.

It will also help ensure that the Navy maintains its position as the global leader in logistics, the statement said.