TSB will deliver 1,500 trucks to Trublu on Monday

Trublun is set to deliver 1.1 million trucks to the company from next week after receiving an approval from the Transport Minister.

The new batch will be loaded at Trublatun’s logistics centre in Kalimantan.

Mr Trubliul said the trucks would be loaded in a convoy of 50 to 100 trucks.

The trucks would then be delivered to Trubaul, where they will be installed on the roads and on the ports.

Mr Tsunyak said Trublus trucks would begin deliveries in April.

Tublu Logistics’ trucks will be used to transport coal, diesel, grain, seafood, raw materials and agricultural products, Mr Tsunsi said.

“We are looking forward to the shipment of this new batch of Trubls trucks.

Our company has been importing coal and other raw materials from China for a long time and this is our first shipment from the country,” Mr Tsunglul said.”

We will provide support to our local employees and to the local community, including the Trublos workers who will be employed by the trucker company for their employment in this industry,” Mr Trubauls said.