Canada’s new logistics minister says Canada is not leaving Afghanistan, despite war

CANADA’S new minister of logistics has said Canada is in no hurry to leave Afghanistan, but is working hard to find solutions to the problems in the country.

In an interview with CBC News, Andrew Leslie said Canada has had more than $2 billion invested in the Afghan economy since its first military contingent there in 2009.

“This has been a big priority of mine, as you can imagine, and the priority of the Canadian government is to try and help the Afghan people,” Leslie said.

Leslie’s comments came after Canadian military officials announced a new initiative to improve the lives of Afghan citizens.

He said Canada would continue to invest in Afghanistan in order to support the Afghans “through the long term and to help the Afghans create jobs.”

Leslie said the new initiative would include a $2.6-billion investment in a new logistics centre, including $500-million in direct funding for infrastructure and $600-million for training, including the construction of roads and railways.

He also said Canada will be increasing its military presence in Afghanistan.

Canada will continue to fund and support the Afghan government to ensure a successful transition, he said.

“The Afghan government is the key to success in this transition.

They are going to need a strong and effective partner to help them achieve their objectives.

And that partner is Canada.”

Canada is now operating in Afghanistan with a contingent of about 2,500 soldiers.

More than 2,400 troops are stationed in Kandahar province.

The military announced earlier this month that it would increase its combat strength by more than 500 troops to about 2.5,000 troops by next year.

The announcement came after a meeting of the Afghan Parliament, which is scheduled to be held in early January.