Crane & Logistics announces $50M round of funding

Crane &amps; Logistic is announcing a $50 million round of financing led by Pershing Square Ventures.

The investment represents the second time the company has made an investment in the robotics and logistics company, after it launched a $500 million Series A earlier this year.

“The world of logistics and robotics is exploding and the next few years will see the biggest transition yet in logistics,” said Chris Brown, Crane’s chief executive.

“With the right investments, Crane &amping; Logistical can accelerate the arrival of the next generation of robotics, supply chains and logistics.”

The company is also launching a new product line called Crane Robotics, which will help automate the handling of robots.

Crane is the leading manufacturer of robotics and automation systems for both industrial and commercial use.

The company will also partner with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft to deliver autonomous vehicles to customers.

Crane has raised a total of $3.5 billion since it went public in 2013.

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