How to save money on travel via Uber and Lyft from Europe to Asia

A new report has shown how the Uber and its competitor, Lyft, can save you money on flights by connecting to a network of logistics companies in the region and making sure that your tickets are booked to their destinations.

The report, titled How to Save Money on Travel via Uber & Lyft from European to Asia, found that if you book online for your first round trip between Europe and Asia, you could save as much as €1,000, with the chance of saving €1.50 for every €10 booked.

This is because you’re saving money on transport costs.

And it also means that the amount of cash you save will not be as high as it would be if you were to book online, which is why you might want to book your first trip with a company that will make sure you get the best deal.

“We found that a successful app is a key driver of the savings that you can see,” said Andrew Wessels, global director at logistics company Wessel Group.

“If you book with a good app and a reliable network, you’ll be much more likely to book a better flight.

You will see the same results when booking online, as the costs will be lower.”

This means that if your first international trip takes you to Europe or Asia, then you could be saving a total of €2,500.

However, if you choose to book with an app that provides better service, such as Odesk or Ovi, then the savings can be even bigger.

“You can save €5,000 per trip if you use Odeska,” said Wessel. “That’s €3,500 less than the average cost of a European Airlines ticket.”

If you are travelling to a destination that is in a transit zone, you can also save even more.

“With Ovi you can save as little as €300,” he said.

“They can do that on a single round trip.”

For more information about the report and how you can take action to save on travel, click here.