UK supply chain deliveries to US ‘dramatic’ – US media

US media outlets reported on Friday that the United Kingdom’s biggest food supplier, Cargill, is preparing to deliver some of its goods to the United States in a “dramatically accelerated” fashion, as the country prepares to exit the European Union.

The Associated Press (AP) quoted the British government as saying that Cargills chief executive Peter Taylor had told his British counterpart Sir James Munby that the company expects to start shipping food by the end of the year.

“The UK has announced that Cogill will start shipping the first of its food products to the US in December 2018,” the statement read.

Cargill is one of the world’s largest food producers, with more than 2,500 US plants and more than 7,000 overseas locations.

The UK government said that the UK would remain a member of the EU until 2028, and the UK government has said that it will seek to maintain its access to the European Single Market by trading freely with the EU.

“We are looking at all options for moving forward to a future in which Britain is able to remain in the single market, with all its advantages and disadvantages,” the government said.

“Cargills intention is to take full advantage of the opportunities that the new arrangements offer for our industry, which will allow it to continue to be a competitive and successful business in the UK.”

“It is important to note that the British Government is not taking any action at this time that will significantly alter the terms of the trade deal between the United Republic and the United states.”

The United States, a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA), is expected to take a similar approach.

According to the AP, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet Munby on Monday.

“Britain will continue to trade freely with all of the EEA’s 27 member states, but we will work to ensure that our business is able do so,” the UK statement read, without specifying when or how the talks would take place.

Cogill’s announcement follows similar announcements from other major food companies in recent months.

Last week, US food giant General Mills said that its first shipment of beef, pork, and chicken to the UK will be delivered in the first half of next year.

In August, British retailer Tesco said it had shipped more than 3,000 tons of goods to America since last year, as it opened more than 30 new U.S. stores.

In October, German food giant Heineken said it planned to start delivering to the U.K. by the middle of 2018, and French supermarket L’Oreal said it would start shipping by the beginning of 2020.