How to Make the Best of a Bad Week

There’s no such thing as a perfect week.

Every week, something happens to make us feel worse, and we end up feeling better.

So, for those of you who don’t have a good week, here are the steps to making the best of a bad week.


Read the rules of

This is a good way to know when you need to change something or make a change.


Look at the karma you earned.

If you earned a lot of karma this week, chances are you’re doing something right.


Think about how you’re going to use that karma.

You could make some money by selling a product or by promoting yourself on social media.


Consider the rules and consequences of what you’re trying to accomplish.

This might include: making a subreddit for the subreddit you’re in, selling your business, creating a blog, or something else you do that’s on the reddit site.


Consider your audience.

Does the community you’re talking to think your business is good?

Do you have the resources and the time to help your community?


Consider whether you want to spend more time with your business or if you’re just going to sit on it. 7.

If there’s anything that’s frustrating about your week, consider taking action to fix it. 8.

Look into what the subreddit community thinks about your business.

If they think you’re a bad businessman, consider using your business’s platform to help the community.


Consider what your friends think of your business and why.


Think of the people who would benefit from your business if you did the right thing.


Think carefully about how to improve your business for the future.


Consider how to communicate with the community about your company and your business in general.


Consider using reddit’s self-moderation feature.


Consider finding a friend to do business with you.


Consider hiring a consultant to help you improve your company.


Consider learning how to do Reddit best.


Consider creating an account.

If all else fails, consider hiring a mentor to help with business strategy.


Take a break from business for a week.


Consider investing in your business skills.


Take stock of what’s wrong with your week.

If nothing seems to be working, try some other strategies.