Bergen, Switzerland: The German truckers have left for the big city, the EU and beyond

A train filled with thousands of German truck drivers is leaving Bergen for the Swiss city of Zurich on Monday and will soon join hundreds of other convoys heading to Europe and the US.

Bergen’s city hall, the city hall of the city of Bergen in central Norway, said it will begin loading the truck by the end of the month.

It is one of hundreds of convoys of trucks set to depart Bergen this year, the first of which is expected to leave in October.

It will be the last convoy to arrive in Bergen until the end June.

It also marks the first time in years that the train has arrived at Bergen.

Bergers main airport, the Bergen Central Railway, will also begin loading trucks with diesel this year.

Bergers chief public prosecutor, Jens Løjvland, said the transport of the first group of more than 5,000 truckers had already started in Bergers biggest airport.

“The first convoy to depart will arrive in Zurich in October,” Lønland told Reuters news agency.

The first of the convoys will also be sent to the US and Canada.

The train, the largest in the world, is expected arrive in Europe by the middle of the year, Løvland said.

He said the journey will take two months, which would make it the longest one ever, but that it would not be too long before a new batch of convicts arrives in Europe.