How to save on fuel costs as Obama administers COVID-19 relief

The White House on Thursday announced a package of relief and rebates to help people get back on their feet as President Barack Obama’s administration begins its efforts to ease pressure on fuel prices.

The White House announced the rebates on Thursday for fuel and gas, along with a new rule for businesses.

The rule would require the government to pay companies for their fuel and equipment.

It would also allow the government and businesses to share the costs of installing air quality monitoring equipment.

The new rule would apply to any business with more than 25 employees and would not apply to small businesses, such as gas stations.

The federal government has already taken steps to boost fuel prices, including increasing the minimum gas price from $2.80 a gallon to $3.60 and mandating that consumers use at least 50 percent of the fuel that they use.

The rule was part of the $50 billion stimulus package.

The government also announced that it will waive the surcharge for the first two weeks of November for consumers, and then again on Nov. 6 for businesses, the first time in more than three years.

The Department of Energy is providing up to $100 million in grants to businesses to make their equipment more fuel efficient, and it is giving businesses up to 10 percent of any profits that they make.

The Energy Department is also giving $200 million in loans to businesses and individuals to help them get back to a healthy price.