New Zealanders have their eyes on a new ‘megafactory’

NZ-based logistics firm Logistics Logistics has revealed its plans to build a mega-facility in Auckland to handle a massive US supply chain.

The $1.6 billion facility will be located on the site of a former supermarket.

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters announced the development of the new factory in the early hours of Wednesday morning, calling it a “megafactories for New Zealand”.

“It’s just a sign that we’re going to be the next big country to have a mega facility for logistics,” Mr Peters said.

“I’m sure that the US is going to get on board with this because this is a key industry for them.”

Logistics said the facility would support up to 1,200 workers and would include an “industrial zone”, a “superhighway” and a “transportation corridor”.

New Zealand has been seeking to boost its manufacturing sector since it gained entry to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2000.

The country has been a top recipient of foreign direct investment, with a record $5.2 billion worth of business coming to New Zealand in 2016.

Mr Peters has said that he wants to create a manufacturing hub in the North Island.