What to know about the closure of dsi’s logistics hub at the centre of a major corruption scandal

The closure of a logistics hub in Sydney’s west could cost up to $3.5 billion, with some of the most serious allegations involving the awarding of contracts worth $2.5 million to the disgraced former NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell.

Key points:The closure of the logistics hub could affect the business of dsj and its Australian operationsThe closure could have a significant impact on the operations of dsg and its subsidiaries, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) saidOn Friday, the NSW Police launched a criminal investigation into claims that a former official at dsg, John Chappell, paid more than $2 million to a former colleague, Anthony Di Pietro.

The investigation follows the NSW Attorney-General’s Office launching a criminal probe into allegations that former NSW State Police Commissioner John Chapple paid more the last two years than $1.5m to a colleague, the AFP said.

In a statement, the Attorney-Gen’s Office said the investigation into Chapple and Di Pietros “will look at the full extent of the misconduct that occurred in relation to the award of contracts in the Sydney-based dsg-related business”.

“There is no suggestion the award has been made to or given to a third party in any way,” the statement said.

“The NSW Attorney General’s Office has a strong and robust anti-corruption enforcement framework in place, including a dedicated and robust corruption investigation unit.”

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