Zenith logistics is buying up a Greenbush logistics company for $20 million

Zenith has acquired Greenbush Logistics from its current owners for $25 million, it said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday.

Zenith will continue to operate its Greenbush-led logistics business in conjunction with its Zenith Global Logistics business.

Zeniths parent, New York-based Zenith Group, will continue operations under a wholly-owned subsidiary called Zenith Greenbush Holdings LLC.

Zenith said it expects to close the acquisition by the end of the year.

ZenITH Greenbush Holding is an entity that operates through its Zeniths Greenbush International subsidiary.

Zenitst has more than 800 warehouses in 24 countries, and Zenith will have an additional 7,500 employees, including approximately 8,000 logistics workers.

Zenitek said it plans to invest $1.5 billion over 10 years in expanding its operations in the United States and Canada.