Which U.S. cities are struggling to handle flooding?

Ports and shipping lines have struggled to cope with the flood threat after a massive hurricane swept across the nation.

Some cities have been forced to shut down and others have closed to traffic.

| AP file photo The Associated Press is among many news organizations that has reported on the impact of the catastrophic storm on Houston.

The storm hit Houston as a Category 3 hurricane on Wednesday, and as a Tropical Storm on Thursday, making it the worst landfall of the season.

Houstonians awoke to flood warnings, flooding, power outages and a severe shortage of water in the city.

Nearly 1,400 people died in the Houston metropolitan area and nearly 6,500 were rescued.

Many of the worst flooding occurred in downtown Houston, where the streets were inundated with water.

As the storm passed over the city, it created a severe risk for the city’s emergency responders.

Officials said they were working to make it safe for residents to return to their homes, but warned that there could be delays in getting people to hospitals and other facilities.

Some officials have said that the city has been forced into emergency mode as people who had been displaced from their homes are returning to the city to search for their loved ones.

A federal judge in Texas ordered that people living in the Harris County jail be moved to safer locations.

Meanwhile, Houston is still recovering from a severe flooding emergency that has seen water levels in some neighborhoods rise by more than two feet in some areas.

Residents living in areas in and around downtown were ordered to stay indoors and shelter in place as the water continued to rise.

Authorities also ordered that businesses be shut down while they investigate and assess the damage.

On Thursday, Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency in Houston, saying the emergency was created by a “severe flood event.”

The federal judge, Judge David Orr, ordered that residents and businesses be relocated to safer areas.

The judge also ordered the state to assess damages and determine how to reimburse the state and federal governments.

Harris County District Judge Lyle Larson ordered that the Harris county jail be closed until at least Sunday to allow officials to assess damage and determine whether to move people who are living in jail.

More than 300 people were rescued from flooded neighborhoods Thursday, and authorities had set up a temporary shelter at the airport.

President Donald Trump said he was thankful to the federal government for helping Texas and the nation recover from the storm, which killed at least 17 people.

Trump tweeted about the flooding, saying he is thankful to federal agencies for their help.

The federal government has also been helping us immensely in the recovery efforts, he wrote.

I am grateful to all the states, counties, and other agencies that are working to support Houston and other cities and towns.

The disaster is going to be very, very hard on our people, but we are doing very well.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on Wednesday night, and by Thursday morning, the storm was moving toward the Houston area, where it was a Category 4 hurricane.

There were no reports of any major damage in Houston as of Thursday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

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